Bad Bambi Photography Series


Why Barbie dolls?
They represent several things themselves, which I'm not going to get into. I'm sure that you can figure that out. Also, other fashion dolls are used too. But there is a great variety of facial gestures, poses, and holes in Barbie dolls.

Does Mattel know what you're doing?
Don't know, don't care. My work is a parody of their doll. They can't do anything...except ship me a box of their dolls. ;)

What does your friends and family think of your harming dolls?
They laugh and ask for more.

Which doll is your favorite?
The one Barbie with her lips spread open into an O shape. I can do a lot with that. ;)

Do you buy your dolls new or used?

Where can I see your work next?
Not sure right now. Ask me again in a few months. I gotta make some new stuff before contacting nearby galleries.

You're awesome. Can I meet you?
At a gallery showing. Stalk me and I'll make your life hell. Give me kinder surprises and paprika chips, and I'll hug you.

Can I send you an idea for your work?
NO. I've got more ideas than I have time for. If you like your idea so much, make your own art. Creativity is good for you.

How long does it take you to make each photo?

From planning, buying props, setting up the scene, shooting, and then editing, it takes me 3-4 months+.

I'd like to buy a photo. Will it have such a large logo on it?
Unfortunately do to some people claiming my work as their own, the WEB PHOTOS have the logo. The prints you buy do NOT have this large logo. I don't make too many prints/cards/etc. I sign and date each one on the back of the photo and on the mat (if you buy the mat). Because I'm well-known in certain circles, when I die, these Bad Bambi photos may be worth a buck or two.

Why do you hate Barbie?
Actually I don't hate her. I have several Halloween Barbies on display, and have the same amount stored in original boxes, never removed from the box. And unlike all my friends, I never destroyed any of my dolls when I was younger. Of course, I'm making up for that now. ;)

I have a question that is not found here. Can I email you?
Sure, send me an email. Info is on the CONTACT ME page.

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